Our Father in Heaven,

  On this beautiful morning in the Heber Valley we are met to express our gratitude for the lives of John Murray Murdoch, Ann Steele, Isabella Crawford and the children who were blessed to live and grow under the guidance of an outstanding father and two dedicated wives. In particular, we remember the date of John Murray Murdoch, that of December 28, 1820, in Auchinleck, Scotland. He was born of goodly parents and reared in the beautiful hills of Scotland. An early convert to the Church and directed by the Prophet to come to Utah, John followed the direction of the Lord to eventually come to this beautiful Heber Valley. He was active in politics of Wasatch County, becoming the first treasurer, and later captain of the Militia in the County. He was later ordained a patriarch and gave countless blessings to the saints of this Stake of Zion.

  Our Father, we express gratitude for the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for a Prophet who guides us in these latter days. We express gratitude for the privilege during these two days to gather together as family members, almost three hundred strong, to pay our respect and appreciation for John’s sensitive spirit that provided him with the opportunity to hear and accept the Gospel. To determine he would follow the spirit and accept whatever the Lord had in mind for him. We are grateful for his kindness and strong support to Ann and Isabella in raising the 22 children that will and have blessed their names forever. Those of us here this morning join together in honoring their great name.

  We pray that each of us may continue to strengthen our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to the great memory of John Murray Murdock, a true pioneer and stalwart to the Church.

  We do feel the spirit and influence of John and his family here this morning and pray that they are supportive of this memorial service this day.

  We express gratitude to those who have and will contribute to this beautiful monument.

  We now dedicate this monument to the memory of John Murray Murdoch and his family. May his family and friends who come to this beautiful site in the Heber Valley recall the great sacrifice made by those whom we remember this day. Father, we ask that the site will be protected from desecration, from those elements of nature that could have an effect, on this beautiful and serene setting.

  In closing, we pray for the safety and protection of those who have traveled here. At the conclusion of this reunion, may they each travel home with peace and protection.

  It is with gratitude that we close these dedication services for the monument to John Murray Murdoch and do so by the power of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


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